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Joe Maggiore

Owner Operator / Brew Chef / Bartender / Dishwasher
1 Culinary + 4 Brewing Certifications + 27 Yrs Restaurant Experience = One Hell-of-An Alehouse
To say that I grew up in the restaurant business would be a slight understatement. As the story goes, I was almost born in the pizzeria my dad owned some forty-plus years ago just outside the "Big Apple" (New York City). As an independent Chef/Owner, he was tough as nails behind the cooking line. First in and last out, he got the job done. He is a true master of traditional cooking techniques and taught me, by example, how to prepare the classics. Passion for the craft and respect for this man are the humble foundation of what fills the plates and proper pint glasses at my alehouse today. So raise a glass to the blood, sweat and tears it took to make The Brew Kitchen Alehouse a reality.. I look forward to sharing a meal and raising a glass with each and every one of you! Cent' Anni, Salut, Cin Cin, Slainte, Prost, a Votre Sante, Skol, Pura Vida, Kippis, Kampai, Yung Sing, Bottoms up, CHEERS!!!


At The Brew Kitchen Alehouse, there's only one way to do things - the right way. Chefs in Southern California have access to some of the best free range poultry, livestock, line caught seafood and organic produce available anywhere in the world, yet a large portion don’t take full advantage. I realized a long time ago that if you want true flavor in today’s cookie cutter world, you have to create it yourself. I am a huge fan of traditional cooking techniques and refuse to BASTARDIZE natural processes that highlight and accent the true flavors of the raw products we use. With that said, we make every effort to source our ingredients conscientiously and only purchase the best quality we can get our hands on. Our dishes at the Brew Kitchen are based on the wants and needs of our local neighborhood but at the same time casually celebrate the lost art of comfort foods you might find on your grandmother’s kitchen table (If you had a Sicilian Grandmother like I did). For example, our dough is mixed daily from a proprietary blend of flour and fermented up to 48 hrs. before we stretch your pizza, we grind our own meats, we stuff our own sausages & our stocks and sauces are started from bases that are made from scratch. At the end of the day, all I am trying to do is preserve family tradition by serving the most flavorful foods I know how to prepare. As our guest, you are the one who will ultimately decide how good we really are and tell your friends to try us... And that's all that matters to me.
Chef Joe Maggiore will sauté, braise, bake, fry, cure, pickle, ferment, or smoke any ingredient that comes to the kitchen with integrity - The philosophy is simple: use farm fresh ingredients to create a handcrafted menu that is flavor forward.
Our menu is written seasonally, the prices are reasonable & our service kicks ass...

All we ask is that you try us once and you'll know whether or not you have found "Your New Favorite Place".

We are excited by the guests that try us for the first time and humbled by those who return again and again.



, is our desire to be the best at what we do
  1. To provide a well designed, comfortable place to hang out and relax, any time of the day.
  2. To bring people together over a great plate of food and an outstanding pint of craft brew.
  3. To strive in everything we do not just to satisfy our patrons’ expectations but to blow them away.
  4. To stay 'on our game' and keep our ideas fresh.
  5. To serve a wholesome and "Flavor Intense" Menu at reasonable prices.
  6. To recruit, train and retain a diverse staff of friendly and knowledgeable personalities that will add value to our customer’s alehouse experience.
This is what a great alehouse experience is all about...



As foodies, we try to source the shortest, simplest most wholesome path from the earth to the table. We put a seasonal and creative spin on pub fare, including oak-grilled burgers, Artisan Style Pizza, in-house smoked meats, house made specialty Sausages, healthy salads and killer street tacos. Our menu is designed to serve as a sturdy base for our unusual beer list and consists of 50% American, 30% Italian 10% Asian and 10% South American influence.



We brew the beer we drink. So we tried to build a list that is heavy with traditionally handcrafted labels, brews that have a freshness and vitality that can only be created by using the finest ingredients, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. We feature 28 faucets and at least 6 will be house brews. We promise to have at least one well trained Beer Geek on the premises at all times to help navigate our comprehensive Bottle list of over 200 selections.



We didn't design The Brew Kitchen Alehouse to be elegant in a white-tablecloth sort of way; we just wanted it to be a warm and welcoming place where conversation flows and comfort food rules. We wanted it to be an all-day destination type place where anyone can feel comfortable hanging out for whatever reason they choose. We wanted it to be an informal community melting pot where you will find the guy who drives a twin turbo Porsche sitting next to a guy who only owns a skateboard. The Brew Kitchen Alehouse is a great place for your next lunch meeting or a place to catch up on the day’s events lingering over a delicious meal and a pint at dinner time. One thing is for sure, you will never have a hard time finding a good friend that will join you for a beer and a game on TV here. Our house is your house and we’ve got you covered so swing by and pull up a chair.

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Have you ever noticed the word fun in fundraising? At Brew Kitchen Ale House we bring the fun to fundraising. We proudly support our local communities by partnering with schools and youth sports teams by hosting in-store fundraiser events.

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